Valentine's Virtual Tipsy Cookie Bingo


Thank you to everyone that participated in our game!  If your cookie was called, you are entered into a raffle to win a $25 Amazon gift card!   The winner will be emailed!

Game 1(refresh page every 5 minutes for new call numbers)

  • Call 1- T Royal Macadamia, Y Amaretto Almond Vodka Cookie
  • Call 2- P Gypsy Jam, Y Peanut Butter Bourbon
  • Call 3- T Jamaican Me Raisin, S Royal Caramel Apple
  • Call 4- I Cinnamon Honey Whiskey, S Straight Outta Parramore
  • Call 5- Y Strawberry Daiquiri Sugar Cookie, T Stout Brownie
  • Call 6- S Margarita Lime Sugar Cookie, I Coconut Rum Sugar Cookie
  • Call 7- S Butterscotch Bourbon, Y Spiked Snickerdoodle
  • Call 8-P Bourbon Chocolate Chip, Y Whiskey Mud
  • Call 9- T Maple Whiskey, Y Rum Raisin

We have 2 winners for Game 1!

Game 2(refresh page every 5 minutes for new call numbers)

Use your same card.

  • Call 1- S Vino Chocolate Chip, Y Peanut Butter Bourbon Blondie
  • Call 2- P Bourbon Dream, P Don't Tella I'm Tipsy
  • Call 3-S Oh Snap! Ginger Cookie, T Red Wine Red Velvet
  • Call 4- I Tequila Chocolate Chip,  P Straight Outta Parramore
  • Call 5- Y Lemon Drop, S Tipsy Chocolate Chip
  • Call 6-P Gold Rush Sugar Cookie, P Pumpkin Spice
  • Call 7- T Coconut Rum Sugar Cookie, T White Chocolate Lemon Drop
  • Call 8-P Cranberry Orange Vodka Cookie, S Jamaican Me Raisin
  • Call 9-P Royal Macadamia, I Spiked Raspberry Lemonade
  • Call 10-S Rum Raisin, Y Cinnamon Honey Whiskey

We have 2 winners for Game 2!

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At 7PM EST you may visit this page at any time to see what cookies have been called!  Mark your space when your cookie is called/shown.  This screen will update periodically, to show you the cookies/brownies that were called!

IF a cookie/brownie is called that you selected as part of your purchase, you will automatically be entered into a to win a $25 Visa gift card! 

Questions during the game? Email or chat with us!  You can find the chat box on our website.  You will see a blue box that says 'Chat with us'.  It's real time communication!

There are over 50 players! The game(s) duration is 1 hour.  We will play as many games, until we have 3 winners or until the hour is up!  If there are no winners when the hour has commenced, EVERYONE will be entered into a drawing for the prizes!   Traditional BINGO!  

There are 3 prizes up for grabs!

  • -$20 Amazon Gift Card
  • -$15 Tipsy Cookie Gift Card
  • -Tipsy Cookie and Wine Gift box set