About your cookies!

White Chocolate Lemon Drop-This cookie is refreshing and incorporates premium white chocolate, lemon zest, vodka, and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Spiked Snickerdoodle-Sugar and spice, everything nice!  Not your typical snickerdoodle cookie.  Our original recipe gives you just enough spice from the cinnamon and rum, and we cannot forget the sugar. 

Bourbon Chocolate Chip-  Our Bourbon Chocolate Chip cookie has remained our bestseller for the last 5 years!  This has the perfect balance of chocolate, with subtle hints of bourbon.  It will not disappoint.

Spiked Peach Cobbler- Who would think to turn Peach Cobbler into a cookie?  We did!  Our Spiked Peach Cobbler cookie incorporates real pie dough, whiskey, peach pure, and a pinch of these and that!  

Red Wine Red Velvet Cookie-  Red Velvet Cake is a southern classic, so why not have it as a cookie?  We put a twist on the red velvet cookie, incorporating sweet red wine, with premium white chocolate chips.

Coconut Rum Sugar Cookie-  Coconut Lovers look no more! The secret to making a good sugar cookie is to use a high quality butter and pure vanilla extract. Our Coconut Sugar Cookie has hints of coconut shreds and top shelf coconut rum!