Two Inspirational women started it all... My Grandmothers

Inspirational doesn’t even begin to say the wealth of knowledge that was bestowed upon head baker Audrey and her love for baking and cooking.  In watching both of her Grandma’s care for their family as she grew up, she saw first hand how important it was to spend time with her family.  What better way to do that than over a meal.  Audrey loves to cook but baking became her passion due to Josephine and Louise!

The Goodies Audrey's creations from the heart...

I love baking because it reminds me about life; you can have all the right ingredients and recipe, but still mess up! Baking reminds me that the finished product (life) may not turn out as expected but with practice, it gets better.

I love baking because it reminds me of my grandmothers baking: old fashion, southern sweets, made with love, and was like no other!

I love baking, not only because I love sweets, but simply because it makes me happy.  It also brings me joy to see that others enjoy the fruits of my labor!

What started as a mistake, ended as a masterpiece!  And because of this…The Tipsy Cookie was born!